OM PURI – The Man Who Changed The Dynamics Of Bollywood

He was the man who gave acting a different meaning, he made sure that even character artists can overshadow main lead in various scenes and films, he was someone who made acting effortless and spontaneous. I am talking about the hugely gifted and enormously extemporaneous in acting Om Puri (late). There was a time when Bollywood was ruled by good-looking men with broad structure and good heights but one man shattered that o called “norm” by only giving power-packed performances in abundance, that we call one after the other. No matter how long or small the role used to be, Om Puri always got noticed because of his unparalleled acting.

Om Puri was not just an Indian artist; he was an international actor who performed in English, British and Pakistani movies as well. He recently appeared in Pakistani movie “Actor In Law” playing the righteous advocate who never won a case. He was highly appreciated in “East Is East”, a movie which does not require any introduction.

Om Puri was one of those actors who flawlessly shined in every genre. For those who want to see his utmost ease in comedy should definitely movie movies like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Chaachi 420, Hera Pheri, Chor Machaye Shor and Malamaal Weekly.

Om Puri did some phenomenal parallel-cinema (aka: art) movies in the very start of his career and those movies gave him repute in the main stream cinema. Movies like Ardh-Satya, Aastha, Maachis, Maqbool, and The Reluctant Fundamentalist are just a few names to quote in which his performance level was at the peak.

Om Puri also enacted the character of baddie in many films and even in those movies his performance was cherished by his fans and cinema lovers.

Om Puri Filmfair Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009

Om Puri will always be known for his countless amazing performances and his down-to-earth nature.