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Pakistani Ads Are No Longer Engaging – Going Down The Memory Lane

It is unfortunate for Pakistan’s advertising world that current Pakistani ads are not everlasting and lack that recall-able factor; unlike the tvcs which we used to have back in 8’s and 90’s. In the current scenario we are shown with TVCs which are either pulling the legs of competitor brands or copying Indian and Korean advertisements minus their emotional value. The below average one-liners, tag lines and jingles are the reason why Pakistani ads today do not give a lasting impression. The creative zing is missing big-time. We have better technology, more educated and qualified work force and a great backing of research but even then the advertisements which are created lack freshness and attention grabbing elements.

On social media and electronic media these TVCs are flooded but eve then they require huge support from branding team and PR partners to make them “Hit”. Earlier it was not like that, a TV commercial used to stand out purely on the basis of its merit and hardwork applied by the entire team.

Following are some TVCs from Pakistan which used to be quite famous and are still remembered as the finest ones. They were never based on pulling competitors legs; the creators of these Pakistani ads were decent and qualified enough to create something out of research, team-work and dedication.

Naz Paan Masala

Aye Khuda Mere Abbu

Ek Chutki Dentonic Se

Wasim Akram – No Smoking

Gillette Chacha Chan ad


Bhool Na Jaana Phir Pappa

Dard Ka Hal – Dispirin

Meri Nannhi Paree

Rafhan Custard

Polka Panda Commercial

Dawlance Old TVC

Don Carlos Ad

Jubilee TVC

There were many other TVCs which were delight to watch. The ads are directed towards customers to consume products or services along with creating a good brand image which plays a significant role in brand positioning. It’s about time that we start creating better advertisements and don’t play dirty games by pulling down competitors.

Currently, in Pakistan, ad copies are not inspiring, the music is run of the mill and the ideas are based on society but fail to connect with the customers as they lack emotional touch. In advertising the key element to make an ad catchy and attractive is the emotional-connect. Pakistani ads don’t engage the mature and sensible audience. Zaalima is just one example out of so many. Every one dancing and selling the products as well as services is so lame idea but big brands are buying the same illogical stuff from ad agencies repeatedly; every other mobile-phone is endorsed by one celebrity of the other, what’s the main point? They all yap the same content more or less; Fahad Mustafa, Wasim Akram, Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Faisal Qureshi etc are all saying the same lines for dissimilar and various brands; where is the uniqueness factor? Where is freshness?