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Start Your Holiday Season With Netflix’s The Holiday Calendar

The holiday season is upon us and we have been besieged by the ads of holiday shopping, TV shows showing holiday specials, movies being released about holidays and yes even though I do not live in a country that celebrates, the Christian holiday season I still love the spirit of it. And I love all the shows and movies based on the holiday season.

But that’s just me and my fantasy heart. But you gotta admit there is something wholesome about the holiday season. The joy you see in every face and the festivities.

Trailer: The Holiday Calendar

So, most holiday season movies are made on the same theme but I still love them and watch every one of them. And now that I have Netflix, I am stoked.

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So, I watched this movie at NetFlix, The Holiday Calendar. And it roughly runs on the same story line.

With all the holiday festivities comes the pressure from the family. The questions from everyone; what are you doing? Where are you working now? Whom are you seeing? And so on and on.

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So the girl in this, Kat Graham playing Abby Sutton in the movie is a struggling photographer, trying to pay her bills by working a lousy job. And for Christmas, his grandfather gives her an advent calendar which belonged to her grandmother. And the calendar is magical and predicts her future. Every day, a door opens up in the advent calendar revealing a tiny object depicting something significant that the new day will bring for Abby. What happens next is what this movie is all about. Finding love, making a career move and amidst of it all you will see symbolism painted bold with Christmas season and festivities.

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What I love about the holiday season movies is the simplicity of them. There is no twist in the plot, no hidden motives; they are all feel good movies.

Watch this Netflix Original – The Holiday Calendar, if you are a romantic by heart.

I’ll bring another Netflix original with me next time.

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