All You Need To Know About Mahira Khan’s Verna

If purposeful drama & filmmaking are forms of art then Shoaib Mansoor is the Picasso of them.  The eminent director, producer, writer and lyricist is known for dozens of cult classic contributions to both the Pakistani drama and film industry. Mansoor, who likes ongoing with name SHOMAN is known for his pivotal role in reviving Pakistani film industry with super-hit films like ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ and ‘Bol’. The best part about both the aforementioned films is that they were critically acclaimed and also hit the bull’s eye at box office.


Finally, Mansoor is back in the business after hiatus of around 5 years, the thing which works as an icing on the cake is the top-notch Pakistani actress Mahira Khan will be playing the lead role in the film. Shoaib – Mahira Khan combo which earlier rocked with ‘Bol’ seems to jolt the Pakistani cinema’s box office once again. Apart from this, there is so much more to remember about this film, so here we giving you rapid know how about all the much-required information about this film.

Mahira Khan 2

 Mahira Khan’s Verna Film Cast

  • Mahira Khan plays Wife
  • Haroon Shahid plays Husband
  • Zarrar Khan plays Antagonist
  • Naimal Khawar plays Haroon Shahid’s sister

Mahira Khan 3

Verna Film Songs & Music

  • Music Composition: Haroon Shahid & Shoaib Mansoor
  • Number of Songs: 5 to 6
  • Singers: Soch, Zeb Bangash, Haroon Shahid
  • 1Rap Song: Penned by Shoaib Mansoor & Composed by Zeb Bangash

Verna Film Director: Shoaib Mansoor
Verna Film Producer: Shoaib Mansoor
Verna Film Writer: Shoaib Mansoor
Verna Film Production Company: Shoaib Mansoor’s Shoman Productions

Verna Film Main Story


One of the most anticipated films of this year, Verna, is all about the courage, honor, dignity and revenge. Like many other of Mansoor’s flick, Verna also shows women in the positive light with breaking all the barriers and stereotypes.

Mahira Khan’s Verna Film First Look/Poster

Mahira Khan Verna

The first look/poster of this intense-thriller left many of the film enthusiasts yearning for more. The first look poster of the film was unveiled on 1st September, which left all the moviegoers awe-struck.

Verna Poster (Photo)

Verna Film Trailer

Shoaib Mansoor knowing that the film-enthusiasts are going restless, won’t make them wait anymore and soon will be following up the trailer.