Recalling Iconic Hits of Nazia Hassan On Her 53rd Birthday

Pakistani pop music will be incomplete without Nazia Hassan, she was one of the female singers from Pakistan who was massively loved and listened by numerous music lovers. Nazia Hassan was first seen in children song titled “Dosti Aisa Naata” in early 70’s and then she was the first ever Pakistani who won India’s most prestigious and respected Filmfare Award for best female singer in 1980 for “Aap Jaisa koi Meri Zindagi” from Qurbani, directed by Feroze Khan. On Nazia Hassan’s 53rd birthday, Google honors her with a doodle. That’s the power of music and Nazia Hassan was amongst the finest female singers which Pakistan had. She was an international star who was hugely praised by critics and the masses.


Nazia Hassan along with her brother, Zoheb Hassan, released her first album in 1981 with the name of Disco Deewane. Disco was a rage back in 80’s. Even in 1982, Mithun Chakraborty made his leading debut in Babbar Subhash’s Disco Dancer which boosted his career as hero. Similarly in 1982, films like Hathkadi and Khuddar featured songs on Disco titled “Disco station” and “Disco 82”; this tells that Nazia Hassan was amongst the pioneers who introduced the concept of songs on disco in South Asia. Disco Deewane was a mega hit. Disco Deewane was a chartbuster in India and Pakistan; plus the album was also very popular in international market.

On Nazia Hassan’s 53rd birthday, we’ll recall some of her iconic songs.

Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi

Feroze Khan’s Qurbani (1979) was a blockbuster and the song “Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi” became ageless, thanks to the vocals of Nazia Hassan. Her voice made it eternal.

Disco Deewane

Disco Deewane, the song, was an instant hit. It is one of the tracks which is recreated again and again by artists like Sagarika in late 90’s and then in Student of the Year in 2012. But the fact is, even today the original one which was sung by Nazia Hassan is unbeatable in terms of vocals and music.

Boom Boom:

From Disco Deewane, Boom Boom became so popular that the song was featured in 1982’s musical hit titled Star which featured the heartthrob of that time Kumar Gaurav and Rati Agnihotri. Boom Boom was filmed on Rati and it was again a hit in India. Years later Nazia Hassan’s iconic Boom Boom was musically recreated by Biddu and he launched the music video in late 90’s which won the hearts of music lovers.

Aankhain Milaane Waale:

Kya Huuwa

Dum Dum Dee Dee:


Dosti, sung by Nazia and Zoheb, became the friendship anthem when it was launched. The song was recreated in 2015 for the Pakistani film Ho Mann Jahaan as well.

Kabhie Toh Tumko

Nazia Hassan also performed with the legendary actor of Pakistani cinema, Nadeem, and sang his one of the most memorable songs “Kabhie Toh Tumko Yaad” in a TV show back in 80’s.

Dil Ki Lagi

Nazia Hassan had a voice which was suitable for both slow and fast paced songs. She’ll be remembered by her fans and music lovers. Nazia Hassan was the iconic pop singer of Pakistan without a doubt.

Nazia Hassan’s interview by Tabassum for Indian channel:

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