Kashan of Mizmaar on the panel of speakers [third from right]
Mizmaar – I Am Karachi Music Festival 2015

Mizmaar’s guitar virtuoso, music producer and founder, Kashan Admani, was a part of The Recording Studio Panel of the Music Dialogues, a component of the I Am Karachi Music Festival ’15. The discussion began at 7.30 PM on 4th August, 2015 at Jasmine Hall at the Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi. Kashan was also a part of the Marketing Your Music panel, on 5th August, 2015 at Aquarius Hall at the Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi.

Kashan of Mizmaar on the panel of speakers [third from right]

“At the panel discussion, I gave an overview of my music career and how I got involved in recording. I started my career as a session guitarist in my teens and recorded for many famous pop artists then. Later when I formed my own band Mizmaar and started recording and writing our music, I felt that the recording engineers of that time didn’t understand the kind of sound we were after because of our western influences so I decided to venture into recording myself and started acquiring knowledge about recording and production”, says Kashan.

Mizmaar performing at IAKMF2015

He also spoke about how he set up his own studio in the year 2004 and has produced some of the biggest ad jingles, songs and albums since then. “My productions include music and albums for artists and bands like Najam Sheraz, Haroon, Strings, Raeth, Usman Riaz and many more. Corporate work includes campaigns for Mobilink, McDonald’s, P&G, Uniliver, National etc. Directorial work includes music videos and TV commercials” explained Kashan to the audience.

Kashan of Mizmaar on the panel of speakers [middle]

At the 5th August panel discussion, Kashan went on to speak about music marketing and the music industry and gave an overview of the challenges faced by artists in marketing and promoting their music in the current scenario and the challenges the music industry is currently facing.

Kashan of Mizmaar

A lot of young aspiring musicians attended the talks and left feeling like they attained a wealth of knowledge and information that can help them achieve their goals as artists.

Mizmaar will also be performing at the I Am Karachi Music Festival ’15 itself, on 9th August, 2015 at 11PM at Port Grand, Karachi. Performing with the band as a special guest vocalist, will be Hamza Tanveer, the Nescafe Basement star. Speaking about Mizmaar being a part of this festival, Kashan Admani said, “The overall objective of this music festival is to encourage the creation of a tolerant and peace loving society, which is a cause Mizmaar believes in and backs very strongly”.


Tickets (Rs. 500) to the festival can be purchased from these places: 6D Cinema – Ocean Mall, Leisure Park – Park Towers, Laraib Music – Clifton, Espresso Shahbaz, Chairman Mao – Home Delivery (COD) – Minimum of 4 passes per delivery.

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