Media Stop Minting Money On Indo-Pak Clash

There was a time when on the basis of two nation theory, Jinnah with his team gifted Muslims of India a separate homeland named “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. As time moved on, the Islamic Republic lost somewhere and the nation of Pure-Land (Pakistan) was handed over to the impure leaders. Today, India and Pakistan share a very special bond. This special bond is unlike any relation, might be more like a saas-bahu sort. They fight with each other (based on views/religion); they support one another (Asha-Washa), in fact they both have lost their self-respect down the years. After every insulting and offensive quarrel they somehow tend to hug each other (both governments and public).

Recently, the Shiv Sena hoopla hit the news and social media like a storm. shiv-sena allegedly splattered black paint on columnist Sudheendra Kulkarni, the organizer of the book launch of former Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri for supporting a Muslim.


After that, Pakistani media exploded with emotional turmoil and introduced a series of discussions on TV, hashtags on social media (particularly Twitter) and published series of articles on newspapers – making it all a hot war item between two countries.

Soon after that, activists attacked the BCCI office and as a result talks between the BCCI and PCB chiefs were cancelled.  The prestigious cricket umpire, Aleem Dar was all set to carry out official duties as umpire in the 4th & 5th One Day Internationals between India / South Africa in Chennai and Mumbai on October 22 and 25 respectively. Shoaib Akhtar and Wasim Akram were also supposed to pontificate in the 5th ODI but due to security concerns they couldn’t take the risk and continue with the plan. BCCI canceled the meeting with PCB after Shiv Sainiks protest.

Despite the much heated and hated social media war against India, people of Pakistan are still gullible and eager to see Indian media which perpetrates the same agenda that Shiv Sena promotes; that is portraying muslims and Pakistanis in the bad light. Not every Pakistani is Ajmal Kasab, not every muslim has a hidden agenda. Whichever cinema you go to in Pakistan, you will witness people lining up to see Indian movies. As soon as a movie trailor or a song is launched, Pakistanis start sharing it on their social profiles. And it all boils to the fact that India has won over people of Pakistan and blind folded them by their media and entertainment industry.

Now, after all this, on television we see furious debates against India and emotionally religious outbursts are witnessed by almost every channel; yet as audience we are shown with the TVC of brands featuring Indian celebrities endorsing local products (cell phones, beverages, shampoos, beauty products, food, etc). How cool is that? Why is it so important to air ads featuring the celebrities of the nation you (Pakistani Media) are so pissed off? We all know money matter. So please, cut the crap and Please Yeh Drama Band Karo Media

By the way this isn’t the first time, so don’t act as if there’s nothing happened in past like this.

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