Maya Ali & Mahira Khan Raised Funds for Shaukat Khanum

It has been observed that mostly all the fundraisers in the name of Shaukat Khanum Hospital are mostly attended by stalwart celebrities who mostly host the event or perform to garner more audience.

Like every year, for this year the celebrities chosen to endorse Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital’s Breast Cancer Awareness program are the scarlets Mahira Khan and Maya Ali. Both the stars recently attended gala in Dubai and gave their stance regarding the campaign.

Mahira Khan Maya Ali Shaukat Khanum Memorial 1

Both the stars accompanied Fakhar-e-Alam on stage, telling people to donate wholeheartedly so that there can be some advancement with the construction of the hospital.

Mahira Khan and Imran Khan Shaukat Khanum 2

In her speech Mahira encouraged people to come forward for the good cause. She promised them that if they just took a trip to the hospital for themselves they wouldn’t need her or any other celebrities to ask them to make donations. She further told the audience to donate generously and every penny will go to the charity.

Mahira Khan Shaukat Khanum Memorial 1 Mahira Khan Shaukat Khanum Memorial 2

The previous year Ali Zafar was the brand ambassador of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancel Hospital & Research Centre’s fundraiser, which was also the five city tour in the US. This should also be brought into limelight that the previous campaign ran in US, which was a five day tour, where the team managed to arrange funds of over one million dollars that were used to establish the pediatrics department of the hospital. Such kind of campaigns which highlight the humanitarian sides of the celebrities are have a positive impact on the society. After all, we should donate to the needy people who require fund the most. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital is a brilliant case study for others to follow; hats off to Imran Khan who started decades ago to pursue his dream and name this hospital on his mother’s name.

Maya Ali’s Speech At Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital’s Fundraiser