Manyata Dutt Acing Her Instagram Game Higher

Manyata Dutt (born as Dilnawaz Shaikh) and did an item song for Prakash Jha’s Ganga Jal as “Sara Khan” is taking her Instagram to another level by regularly posting her pictures with her kids and Sanjay Dutt. Not only that, Mrs. Dutt is giving complex to many other ladies from B-town as in all her pictures she looks sexy, gorgeous and vivaciously charming. Manyata Dutt is under discussion for her bold pictures which she shares on her Instagram account. With a following of more than 488,000 over Instagram, it is needless to say that her fans love her and she known how to keep them engaged with her posts.

Recently, Manyata Dutt shared a few pictures in swimwear and her fans loved her, although there is a buzz that Sanjay Dutt didn’t like the extra exposure of his beloved wife. Following are a few pictures which are much appreciated and loved over the Instagram from Manyata Dutt’s fans and admirers.

ManyataDutt 125 ManyataDutt 7 ManyataDutt 3 ManyataDutt 6 ManyataDutt 8

It’s not just Manyata Dutt’s swimwear bonanza which makes people love her or admire her, it is actually herself in totality. Manyata is as gorgeous in eastern-wear as she is in swim-suits. Here’s why we can confidently say this.

ManyataDutt 20 ManyataDutt 12 ManyataDutt15

Now that we are all convinced that Manyata Dutt looks as hot in Eastern Dresses as she looks in Bikinis and swimsuits, you’ll be surprised to know that the leggy lass can take her looks to another level with western dresses as well. Now this is simply amazing, isn’t it? Here’s what you need to look at…

MaanayataDutt 14 Manyata Dutt 19 MaanayataDutt 10 MaanayataDutt 5 MaanayataDutt 4 MaanayataDutt 2

Last but definitely not the least, now that we know that Manyata Dutt is not only beautiful but has the bility to carry whatever she wears, she is also full of oomph factor and this item song from Ganga Jal is the proof for you all!

Manyata Dutt – Item Song