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Mallika Sherawat Dismisses Rumor of Her Removal from Paris Apartment

As per the recent reports by AFP Mallika Sherawat along with her French company (rumoured husband) Cyrille Auxefans confronted eviction from their apartment, in a very posh area of Paris, after when they weren’t able to pay its rent and other accommodation expenses, which are allegedly 78,787 euros.

Although in her latest conversation with NDTV, Mallika Sherawat clarified that she and her spouse Auxenfans never rent any apartment when they are in Paris.

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In her interview she told that nor has she faced any sort of financial difficulties in terms of her travel accommodation in Paris ever, neither she hold any blank account there. Mallika Sherawat completely denied the news calling it “nonsense.” Moreover she said that currently she is staying at Mumbai and has been recently busy shooting for a reality TV show Entertainment Ki Raat. She also told that she hasn’t visited Paris in the last eight months and anyone on her social media would clearly be aware of this.

Previously Mallika Sherawat denied the news on Twitter saying that she was staying in Los Angeles and not in Paris.

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Furthermore regarding her rumours of marriage with Auxefans, she clarified that she is not married to him. She said she has cleared this before as well. He is definitely a bigwig the European business industry and she has nothing to do with his real estate business dealings. Also by no means her name should be dragged into whatever is happening in Paris.

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This should also be brought into limelight that in previous year also in same apartment, Mallika Sherawat and Auxefans were assaulted and tear gassed by three unknown men in Paris, where now they have been alleged for eviction, however they haven’t yet been convicted for it. On this Mallika admitted that she was on her trip to Paris at that time when this terrible incident happened.