Make A Promise To Your Mom – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the love and aspiration which moms give to their kids. Throughout the year, from the moment they become “Moms” their center of attraction and nucleus is their kids. No matter how hard things get, they find a way to fulfill all the dreams and desires of their kids.

This mother’s day, make a promise to your mother. She lives for you; for your happiness and safety. Reassure her that you will do something which wasn’t “Okay” and now you want to make a difference in you – not for anyone else, but for your MOM. For your Ammi / Amma / Maa… Make your mom proud of you. Make a promise to her.

Here are a few promises which we would like to pitch… Let us know if you have the guts to make any promises from the followings.

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