Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti - Episode 9 Review a
Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti – Episode 9 Review

The 9th episode of Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti was very fast paced. Things happened very quickly, which is really good. The drama has changed its direction and now there’s another twist in the plot, one after the other. Imaan was blessed with a baby boy but the boy unfortunately expires in just a few hours because of medical condition. Jibran’s mom faints after listening to that. Once she gets back in her senses she throws another dramatic tantrum on Imaan and her mother. Imaan’s mom takes her to her home from the hospital.

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Jibran tries to neutralize the impact but so far it’s not turning in his favor. On the other hand Jibran’s mother is blaming the death of her grand-son on Imaan and her mother’s bad-luck. According to her it’s because of their misfortune that the baby couldn’t survive. Maaham also tries to make the most out of this tensed situation by reaching out to Jibran and Imaan separately and making them disgruntled from one another. Maaham still wants to marry Jibran and for this she can go to any extreme. After what happened at the hospital, even Imaan’s father is not feeling satisfied from Jibran’s mother’s end. He feels bad about what happened and how she mistreated his daughter and wife.

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Rabab is performing very well in the drama; she is natural actress and makes sure she gives her earnest effort. Rubina Ashraf as demanding mother in law is outstanding, the way she delivers her dialogue along with the expressions she carry; it’s worth appreciating. Dialogues of Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti are realistic and that’s what engages the audience and makes them watch this drama.

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If the drama keeps its pace the way it is, the engagement factor will increase and audience will be glued to the plot. Direction is decent and doesn’t bore the viewers. Let’s see what happens next in the 10th episode. Review coming soon!

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