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Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti – Episode 6 Review

With the 6th episode of Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti the drama takes another interesting turn as multiple characters transform in to different shades of their characters. Jibran confronts from Imaan whether she likes him or not and makes him understand this again that how much he loves her and in his entire life he has never thought about for anyone else as his companion for lifetime but herself. Imaan is in a situation where she cannot forget her past i.e. her love Faaris and also cannot shrug off how much Jibran adores him. Besides all this, Imaan is still in a state of confusion, as she never thought about getting associated with anyone other than Faaris.

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When Imaan comes to stay at her parents’ home after wedding she asks her mother what to do now and that she is torn apart between Jibran and Faaris, her mother tells her to accept Jibran as his partner for the rest of her life and she cannot do anything to change that. Due to stress and constant trauma, Imaan faints and she is taken to the hospital. When Jibran sees Faaris taking Imaan to the hospital he gets irritated and in anger he says that in future if any such thing happens, only he should be called for Imaan and not a servant.

Jibran’s mom also finds it unpleasant when she gets to know about Faaris taking care of Imaan and not Jibran. Jibran’s mom also warns Maaham to stay away from Imaan’s family and her son as she exactly knows what Maaham is after. Maaham dislikes her tone and it is expected that in future Maaham might play another trick, let’s wait and watch.

Even in this episode, Faaris is treated ill by Daadi, Jibran and Jibran’s mom. The guy is suffering from pressure and tension but still managing to compose himself. To know what happens next we’ll have to watch next episode of Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti.

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