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Mah-e-Mir Movie Review

Pakistani Film Industry has gone through rough tides even in the phase when there were back to back releases on every Friday. Unfortunately, Pakistani audience didn’t get to see more of classical work on the account of Pakistan’s poets, writers and geniuses; is it because of film-makers never considered Pakistan’s market as a sensible and mature one? We did see movies on cultural and societal issues back in 70’s and 80’s apart from family entertainers and musical blockbusters. But it is hard to find examples which can fall under the umbrella of “Classical Representation of Classy Work”. Mah-e-Mir is one of its kinds for Pakistani cinema. The movie is based on Mir Taqi Mir’s life and ideology. Will the movie be a worth watch? Will it manage to do a rock-solid business at the box office? And what about the performances in terms of raising any bar? Let’s explore all about Mah-e-Mir.

Theatrical Trailer Of Mah-e-Mir:

Mah-e-Mir, revolves around the character of Jamaal (Fahad Mustafa), who is a modern day writer. How his life changes and a contrast is drawn between Jamaal and Mir Taqi Mir is what Mah-e-Mir unfolds to its viewers. If you want to explore a quality cinema with spectacular script then Mah-e-Mir will satisfy for your hunger of art.

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Performance wise Fahad Mustafa surprises with flawlessness in portraying a much challenging character. Watching him transform so effortlessly after giving a mega blockbuster (Namaloom Afraad) is prodigious. His diction, expressions, vocal notes and gestures are at par. He raises the bar for Pakistani actors without any exertion. Iman Ali looks vivacious, gorgeous and steals viewers’ attention every scene she appears. However, her acting needs to be tapered a little more. She is a visual delight but performance needs to improve to match Mahtab.

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Sanam Saeed is effective but could have been better. Alyy Khan portrays his character with conviction and he does a decent job. Manzer Sehbai is astonishing as Dr. Kaleem. He gives an impeccable performance like always and proves yet again that he holds the mastery of poise, serenity and brilliant display of emotional outburst.

Anjum Shehzad (Director) and Manzar Sehbai (Writer) have proved that Pakistani Cinema has entered in the league of finest films with Mah-e-Mir. The cinematography is stunning and way too impressive. The only downsides of this masterpiece are its sound quality and music. If these two could have been worked upon a little more; Mah-e-Mir would not be falling short on any grounds.

There’s no doubt that Mah-e-Mir will attract mature and sensible audience. The movie might not enjoy a box office shattering business because it’s majorly for the classes and not for the masses. Mah-e-Mir is the softest breeze of hope. More movies like Mah-e-Mir will take Pakistani Cinema and Urdu to an unreturnable zenith. Watch Mah-e-Mir for the love of acting, poetry, Urdu and tranquility.

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