maatr trailer release
Maatr – Trailer Is Out And Its Thought Provoking

We all remember how talented Raveena Tandon was, whether it’s comedy or power-packed drama like Satta, Raveena impressed her viewers in every character she portrayed. Raveena Tandon is ready to get back to movies and her upcoming film is based on a very traumatizing subject, that is RAPE. Maatr is a gritty intense drama. The story of Maatr revolve around a girl being raped and her mother couldn’t get justice. Maatr (i.e.Mother) takes things in her hands and that is what Maatr is all about. Here is the trailer of Maatr.

The turning point is that the film was supposed to release on 21st April but Bombay High Court has now put a stay on the film’s release which means and this means that Maatr will not be released anywhere. It also means that the prints and negatives should not be parted with or released to anyone. Let’s see what happens with the comeback film of Raveena Tandon.

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Maatr is directed by Ashtar Sayed an penned by  Michael Pellico and Mishkka Shekhawat.