#LoveWins Memes – Bollywood Style

#LoveWins is trending like anything around the world, especially on social media platforms (mainly Facebook and Twitter). International and reputed brands have changed their display pictures on their social media profiles with “Rainbow colored” photos. It’s interesting to know how “Same Sex Marriages” are appreciated throughout the world.

Pakistanis and Indians are seen tweeting in favor of #LoveWins. The trend is however receiving a mix response from the residents of Indo-Pak. Keeping this particular trending topic in mind, following are a few examples in bollywood style, how this trend #LoveWins could be depicted:

How #LoveWins Is Celebrated By Junior Artistes:

Ab kaisa sharmana #LoveWins

The Distance From One Heart To Another Be Like:


My Reaction When Someone Tells Me #LoveWins is trending in  Indo-Pak

My Reaction When Someone Tells Me LoveWins is trending

Gabbar To Saambha On #LoveWins


Straight Men Be Thinking Like In Indo-Pak

Straight Men Be Thinking Like

From The Classics – #LoveWins

The Classic

Asking From Bhai

Shan Food

Do share your views on #LoveWins

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