Love Letter To Karachi Stage Play
Love Letter To Karachi – Conversations 2016

Karachi is the city of lights. Those who have been abroad and places call it Paris too. Karachi was once (and I am sure, it still is) considered as “Dubai” for many. This means the land of opportunities and a city to make their dreams come true. Living in Karachi is a combination of challenges, experiencing cultural blend, beautiful mornings and petrified nights along with many other essences. Once a Karachite, always a Karachi lover. For many, Karachi is just the “sea” and sea itself is quite explanatory for a city like this. I recently watched “Love Letter To Karachi” (A modern contemporary dance drama) at FTC Auditorium, directed by creative duo Joshinder Chaggar and Sunil Shanker.

Love Letter To Karachi is aesthetically conceptualized and directed by the creative duo. It is backed by interesting and captivating music by Ahsan Bari. The stage play shows different elements ranging from Karachi’s culture, lifestyle, residents, media, political and security conditions along with many other instances one of which also include herd-centric goals. The play starts with a narration that defines current state of Karachi. What follows is exactly the same which everyone in Karachi has faced at any point of time or phase in their lives. Youth playing their favorite sports like cricket, football, boxing etc. People enjoying their nights out in fashion shows, streets, biking and suddenly turning to chaotic situation with tensed circumstances for both, young boys and girls. How people try to take advantage of others, how they support their community and loved ones; that’s all what Love Letter To Karachi has to showcase to its viewers.

Love letter to karachi 1

The play also highlights how media controls the mindset of commoners and how day to day problems (for instance, scarcity of electricity), add to the sufferings of people living in Karachi. It also shows that Karachi is a hub of multiple cultures where everyone lives with love and otherwise for one another. Love Letter To Karachi is a beautiful depiction of how outsiders mold their personalities, likes and styles of living along with how Karachi embraces everyone who comes to take shelter in this beautiful city. Yes there are adversities, there are more downs than ups but still, Karachi never fails to surprise its residents. Every morning in Karachi is full of hopes and new beginnings.

Love Letter To Karachi

Special mention for the dance moves, execution, music and lighting; it makes this stage play worth a watch. It’s classy, artsy and oozes just what is required to portray. The entire cast impresses in their respective roles. Kudos to Shanker and Chagger for bringing such a close to life depiction of Karachi and Karachiites wrapped in visual extravaganza.

Love letter to karachi 2

The show is still going on till 14th August, 2016 at FTC Auditorium. Get your tickets and watch it, only if you appreciate class-act. By the way, it’s very fast, you need to be focused and involved in the act to enjoy it every bit. Pakistan needs such sort of stage plays more often.