Sahir Lodhi in IshqRamazan 2
Lodhi Seems To Be Back In His Game With Ishq Ramazan

Sahir Lodhi is a household name, he is known for his morning shows and Ramadan transmissions. Accept it or not, Lodhi has a connection with public. He seems to gel well with his audiences both who are watching him in his shows as well as with those who watch him via their television screens. The month of Ramadan is approaching and it seems that Sahir Lodhi will be back in action in something which he does quite well i.e. Ramadan Transmission. Sahir Lodhi has a track record of doing Ramadan (Iftaar) transmission by involving masses.

Sahir Lodhi will be seen in Iftaar transmission this year as well in Ishq Ramazan. The OST of Ishq Ramazan is recently released and it is quite impressive; impressive enough to give you goosebumps. Shafqat Amanat Ali is a veteran and he has sung the OST with utmost brilliance. Shafqat’s vocals are perfect for extracting the passion from within which is commendable. If you happen to listen the OST you’ll be surprised with the vocals he is blesses with.

The direction of Ishq Ramadan’s OST is by Rizwan Ahmad, Rizwan treats the entire idea of family, profession and duties towards society with complete ease. The storytelling is clap worthy. There are very few music videos and ads which are readily connected with the viewers emotionally; Ishq Ramadan’s video is one of such kind. First rate work from DOP – Imran Ali.

Sahir Lodhi in IshqRamazan

The video intensely shares the quintessence of Ramadan i.e. to share happiness with others, care for others, help those who are less privileged and pass on good without highlighting yourself. The execution deserves full marks.

We will see more of Ramazan shows during this Ramadan from different channels and in multiple time slots, but so far, the way Ishq Ramadan’s video is accepted by viewers is quite surprising. Sahir Lodhi will be seen in quite different avatar as the transmission will be focused on Ramadan and the discussion will revolve around it. Post Raasta, this will be another inning of Sahir Lodhi and audience and public will decide the fate of Sahir Lodhi.

Sahir Lodhi in IshqRamazan 2

So, what do you think? Will this show be accepted the same way the OST of Ishq Ramazan is loved by the masses? Will Sahir be able to impart what it takes to conduct a Ramadan transmission? Do share your views and opinions.