Tetra Pack Milk - Punjab Food Authority Mediamagick
Local Milk Brands Being Targeted; Agenda or Fact?

Pakistani market is very vulnerable; people come up with a news and they make people believe them irrespective of the authenticy. Usually not many researches are carried out to confirm any news, in order to find out if they are accurate or genuine at all. Not long ago, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) released a Press Release which clearly stated that brands like Olpers, Nurpur, Nestle, DayFresh and Good Milk along Haleeb and a few other brands were given a clean clearance that they can be consumed and are safe for drinking.

Tetra Pack Milk - Punjab Food Authority Mediamagick

Flash forward to recent news, some people are raising questions on the same brands of milk and trying to prove that they are hazardous for consumption. Now, the interesting point is why are only local / Pakistani brands of milk are listed in this list? Why don’t we see anyone shouting on the international brands? Is it some sort of an agenda which is planned to bring down the domestic business in Pakistan?

Attached is the scanned copy which is the evidence that the mentioned names of the branded UHT / tetra-packs of milk have been passed from all impurities and announced as “safe to drink” (source: http://www.pfa.gop.pk) , it’s for you all to think why people are targeting most of the brands again, which have been cleared by the authorities.

PFA Report 2017