What To Learn From Edenrobe’s Latest Ad Campaign

Pakistan’s clothing brands are known for their quality and great designs. Recently Edenrobe has been under heavy discussion over social media. Advertising and marketing professionals have openly shared their opinion related to the selection of Kevin Pietersen as the brand ambassador of Edenrobe. Some of the marketing brains appreciated this strategy whereas others have their concerns revolving around the so called “Gora Obsession” overtaking the brand. All in all, the campaign featuring Kevin Pietersen in Edenrobe’s branding campaign and advertisement successfully managed to engage audience in discussions. After all that’s what a good marketing campaign is all about i.e. getting noticed. Following are 4 reasons which make Edenrobe’s latest campaign successful from marketing and advertising perspective.

The #GoraObsession Is Vital For Pakistanis

We have to accept this fact that in Pakistan people are obsessed with “Goras”. Whether they are boys or girls, everyone prefers fairest complexion. Edenrobe nailed this by making Kevin Pietersen their brand ambassador. Girls are literally going gaga over him. There are many tweets over Twitter where Pakistani girls are losing their control on how “cute” and “eye-candy” KP is. In terms of getting mileage over social media, this has actually been a triumph for Edenrobe. Just search #KPHitsPK and you’ll find numerous tweets like:

Bagging International Celeb For The First Time For A Clothing Brand


As far as I remember, Edenrobe is probably the first clothing brand which has featured an international (read Gora/Angrez) celebrity in their ads. It is good to see that any Pakistani brand is interested in going out and about for locking international figures. Plus, in local market people mostly react in positivity if an international stamp is applied to the brand. So, this move by Edenrobe is worth appreciation.

Finally Able To Get Over With Bollywood Fascination


Be it any brand from lawn to gadgets and from tea to shampoo, Pakistani ads were, once, stuffed with Bollywood celebrities. After the imposed ban on Bollywood, this is the first ad which features an international celebrity. Let us wish that more brands should approach celebrities who are somewhere else from Bollywood. There are some phenomenal stars with higher number of followers than Bollywood actors and actresses.

Edenrobe Igniting The “Controversial Quotient”


Controversy sells. Yes, this is the fact. The advertising campaign faced quite a few controversial firing against it and was also grilled by marketing squad but at the end of the day; it got noticed by masses and classes. Advertising can do wonders provided any controversy is associated with it (it doesn’t mean that marketing with zero controversy doesn’t do well – it does). This is one way in today’s world which helps in getting viral-reach and exposure. Edenrobe did it smartly and quite actively. Kudos to the marketing and advertising team of Edenrobe for coming out with such campaign.