Kurkure Launches 4 Flavors
Kurkure Launches 4 New Flavors

Kurkure needs no introduction for Indo-Pak’s market. Kurkure is among the most selling and loved snacks which is liked by adults and kids. In universities, colleges, schools and office canteens you can easily find Kurkure because they are quite heavily consumed by individuals. The good thing is that Kurkure recently launched 2 flavors in July named Dahi Papri Chaat and BBQ and were liked by its target market. But the team behind Kurkure didn’t stay idle; it has now introduced 4 more flavors. Yes, 4 totally new flavors, let’s explore the newly launched TVC first:

 Kurkure TVC – 4 Exciting New Flavors

This TVC encompasses all the new 4 flavors launched by Kurkure. Chutney Chaska is a perfect snack for those who like spicy snacks. Red Chilli Jhatka as the tag line says will give you a sensory overload.

3 - Red Chili Jhatka

Photo Credits: Kurkure Facebook

4 - Chatni Chaska

Photo Credits: Kurkure Facebook

b aYou must have tried Cream and Onion flavor by different snack brands but rest assured that Kurkure’s Cream N’ Onion will give you a distinctive taste. Cheese N’ Garlic flavor is another highlight by Kurkure that’s recently introduced in the market – it’s lipsmacking.

1 - Cheese N Garlic

Photo Credits: Kurkure Facebook

2 - Cream N’ Onion

Photo Credits: Kurkure Facebook


Kurkure has the tendency to come up with something new and refreshing. This time the 4 rich favored snacks by Kurkure are there to remind its fans that there are lots of ideas stocked. All these newly launched 4 flavors are undeniably taste-bud friendly and can be munched anywhere and anytime.


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