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Kim Kardashian Is Ferrari Khloe Is Honda Civic

Kim Kardashian is one of the most talked about women over the internet and fashion world. Kim is also one of the hottest selfie queens that which come across and she deserves to be the queen, undoubtedly. Her sister Khloe Kardashian isn’t any lesser; as they wisely say it, “it runs in the family”. The sexiness, oomph factor and style is running in the Kardashian family and we can’t ignore it, just look at some of their shoots below and you will get to know what we are talking about.

Kim Kardashian Pics

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Both Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian seem to be fitness freak and Khloe has even started her “Revenge Body” fitness program to sweat off all the extra baggage which women carry on their beautiful frames. Khloe works out like crazy, as she mentioned many a times in her interviews and loves to stay as a fitness freak. This is one of the reasons why she is causing so many distractions around the globe.

Khloe Kardashian Pictures

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Recently, at an interview, Khloe Kardashian shared that Kim Kardashian is like a Ferrari and Khloe is just like a Honda Civic, it was a complement given to her sister on her effective metabolism. Kim doesn’t workout as aggressively as Khloe yet she manages to look fabulous and even hotter. If Khloe works out 5 hours a day, Kim just works out 3 and she remains the sexiest and fittest woman. Now that’s a serious competition, that too in the family.

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The matter of fact is, sexiness and gorgeousness run in the Kardashian family, whether it be with Kim, Khloe or Courtney – The Kardashian sisters are eye-candy for almost every person on the planet earth.

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Following are a few of pictures of Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian, do let us know which one you like the most and why; after all, we must know whom you guys like the most and why. Right?

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