Kim Kardashian Flaunting For Digital Marketers

Kim Kardashian, the controversy queen and vibrant figure of entertainment world, knows the art of drawing attention towards her. She is by far the most talked about celebrity and masters the art of being in discussions, for one thing or the other. I am sure Digital Marketing is as hot as Kim Kardhasian herself these days. SO, for all the digital marketers out there, here are some lessons that you can learn from the Queen of temptation Kim Karadashian. Follow these 6 tips preached by her!

Simply Conveying The Message

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In this particular picture (above) Kim Kardashian is dressed simply is a very nicely fitted attire but look at her face, her posture and I am sure you’d have already noticed her assets peeking out! That’s what a digital marketer needs to learn from Kim. After all, the digital world appreciated simplicity with creativity and a focal point that is emphasized.

Leave Nothing For Imagination Yet Keep them Guessing

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A digital marketer should come out with such a marketing strategy that ignites the interest of end user. Marketing should offer obvious benefits yet also encompass the hidden bounties that a customer wants to explore. In other words, as picture speaks a thousand words, watch Kim Kardashian, showing it all yet hiding it to give a room for imagination.

It’s all About Combo

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Dressed in a simple top under a decent blazer, Kim Kardashian lets her ripped funky jeans showcase her sexy legs. She actually combines the two looks and presents that in front of her fans. Similarly, combining different techniques and tricks are recommended to digital marketers – to add zing in their strategy.

Add Oomph Wherever Possible

Kim never fails to shower her hotness, no matter how properly covered she is (which is almost hard to locate), but she knows the art of adding that “oomph factor” that captures the attention of masses and classes. So, all you digital marketers out there either plan it or let it flow they way it needs to – add the oomph factor in your marketing.

Add Distractions

kim kardashians 9

Kim (above) is dressed in simple gray outfit with black goggles, at the same time strapping orange sexy heels to turn heads. Now that’s call distracting them all! Marketing is all about distracting and making its way to the hearts/mind of customers. Kim knows the trick here too…

Be Gutsy To Experiment

kim kardashians 10

Out in the sun in Leather outfit and showing her curves, Kim Kardashian is one gutsy lady to experiment things that are not dared by others. And the result is – she gets noticed. Digital and online marketers should also have to be daring in experimenting things that are not practiced mostly. You never know, you might get the jackpot!

After all following all these lessons and techniques from Kim Kardashian, the most important thing that digital marketers can get is this (below)

kim kardashians butt noticed

Undivided Attention

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