Khan Episode 6 Review
Khan Episode 6 – Turning Out A Lot Weird

The latest episode of Khan, unfolds nothing interesting despite the fact that life goes on. After the death of Aijaz Aslam, his political party wants his widow to lead them but his brother wants to lead them and tries to oppose the idea. Khan visits Shaista Lodhi for condolence but she tells him that she hates him and also knows that it is him who killed her husband. And she will never forgive him. She also reminds him how he betrayed her and turned her life in to hell, years ago.


On the other hand, Asad gets the hold of the FIR which was filed against Khan and investigates about it. Unfortunately he gets no solid proof, so he decided to meet Khan and hands him the FI by saying that in return he wants to head the special branch and Khan agrees to accomplish his dream.

So far, the drama still needs some gripping dialogues as this is not what fans of such cast will be interested in. The script isn’t gripping and as a result the audience starts to feel bored. Plus, the track of Ushna Shah is very dragged, it’s 6th episode and nothing of value is there. Saba Hameed is good but getting monotonous. Atiqa Odho seems misfit for the character as the drama progresses.

Khan Episode 6 Review

The track between the painter and Khan’s youngest daughter involving the two other guys is half cooked and not engaging at all. Khan is not turning out to be a trendsetter, which majority thought it will be.