Judwaa 2 – It’s A Reboot Which Means A JUDWAA Script As Well

David Dhawan is known for mass and brainless entertainers; he is matchless in making comedy capers, and adds high dose of entertainment in his ventures. After working for years with Govinda and Salman Khan, David has teamed up with his son Varun and after Main Tera Hero; they are back with Judwaa 2. 20 years ago David gave Judwaa and it was a blockbuster. David decided to create a reboot with his son keeping 80% of the script same and by just altering a few components to suit the likings of today’s audience. Let’s see what Judwaa 2 has in store for its audience.

Judwaa 2 – Trailer

Judwaa 2 orbits around twin brothers who are separated at birth; Prem is shy, naïve and easily bullied who lives with his parents in London; Raja is a street smart, cannot be bullied at all and a rebel who grows Mumbai. After critically wounding a don’s son, Raja and his sidekick Nandu (Rajpal Yadav) decide to adieu India and lands in London. Once Raja arrives at London, things start to change in Prem’s life. How Raja meets his family and takes their foes down is what Judwaa 2 is all about.

Judwaa 2 movie 1

Varun Dhawan gives his 100 percent to stand out and supersedes the character of Raja and Prem. As Raja he is much dominant and it looks like he is more at home, whereas he looks a little bit overdoing the sweet and naïve guy as Prem. Like I always say, Varun is a combination of Salman Khan and Govinda, two of the most loved actors by masses, Judwaa 2 stamps this statement. Although Judwaa 2 is a remake of Salman Khan’s film but Varun reminds of Govinda from his “No. 1” series, especially in a scene where Varun enacts “Sanjeev Kumar” a Bollywood-buff cannot fail to recall Govinda from Coolie No. 1. Varun is first rate and the next biggest crowd puller in Bollywood, hands down.

Judwaa 2 movie 2

Jacqueline Fernandez (just like Karishma Kapoor in Judwaa) looks ravishing and does what she is best at – she looks gorgeous, ravishing and hot. Taapsee Pannu (just like Rambha in the original Judwaa) is okay. Rajpal Yadav as Nandu is wasted and looks ageing, if you can recall original Judwaa, Shakti Kapoor was brilliant as Rangeela, plus he was given with some awesome dialogues, unfortunately Yadav couldn’t get that treatment. Johnny Lever is wasted in a cameo, he struggles very hard to make viewers laugh but due to weak dialogues the legendary comedian fails to give remarkable show.

Pavan Malhotra is wasted. In fact, the track of Vidhiarti (Anupamkher) and Guru (Satish Shah) from original Judwaa was another highlight of the film, which is no longer the part of newer version. Those who have watched original will definitely miss that track. Anupamkher as Jacqueline’s father is below average and repeats himself. The chemistry between Kader Khan and Tiku Talsania from original Judwaa is hugely missed. In a cameo, Salman Khan is worth watching.

Judwaa 2 With Judwaa 1

Music of Judwaa 2 is good and two songs which stand out are Oonchi Hai Building and Tann Tana Tann; although the song Gun Pati Bappa is nicely choreographed. The fight sequences are good but again hard to believe. The climax of fight of original Judwaa was much emotional and interesting than Judwaa 2’s.

If you are imagining that Judwaa 2 will be dissimilar from the original in terms of storytelling, dialogues, and script then there are probabilities that you might not be satisfied with the film as more than 75% of the script along with the background and theme music is the same – it’s a reboot; by reboot it means almost the same.  Judwaa 2 offers entertainment which is free from all sorts of logics and rationalities. Judwaa 2 is a perfect example of David Dhawan’s signature films i.e. movie which will make you laugh, smile and dance; don’t look for reasons or connectivity between the scenes.

Alert: Don’t watch Judwaa 2 as Salman Khan’s fan, it’s a Varun’s film for new-age audience. At the box office, Judwaa 2 will be a BLOCKBUSTER entertainer.

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