Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea “The Booty Queens” Moving N’ Shakin It

Although it was Shakira’s Anthem “Hips Don’t Lie” but it looks like Jenifer Lopez with her much famed Booty is all set to appear in Iggy Azailea‘s new number “Booty” -and their Hips Are ‘NOT’ Lying ;). Both the hot beauties would be seen drenched in oil, and overdose of thick water. Sounds yummy! Well, believe it or not, it would look even more mouth watering. Media Magick brings you the sneak peak from the video BOOTY, where sexy Jennifer Lopez and Kinky Iggy are shaking and moving their hips… oops booties like never before. Watch it at your own risk.

Not enough? Really!? Well, you can go through the images attached specially for you. And share what do you think about these two foxes!

J-Lo Booty
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