Jackpot – What Can You Expect From A Jack’s Pot?

There are a few scripts which sound grand and brilliant when they are in mind or on piece of paper because some plots have the tendency to recreate funny elements and interesting twists and turns to keep audience engaged. Plus, another confirmatory test approves the idea of working on such projects when filmmakers see other such films performing very well in Bollywood and Hollywood. Most of the Pakistani filmmakers are still doing the same mistakes, and belittling the efforts of those filmmakers who work very hard to present a decent film. Jackpot has started to collect splendid and fabulous reviews on social media just after its premiere in Karachi. Let’s see what this film “JACKPOT” has in store for the general audience who will be investing their hard-earned money over it. Will it be a Paisa Vasool or Total Fazool film?

Trailer: Jackpot

Jackpot revolves around Lucky and Chandni who are in love and plan to get married. One day they are gifted with a lottery ticket which has a bumper prize of 100 crores, by Mehmood Aslam who loves Godday Kapooray and says “Excuse Me” after farting out loud in the public places. Jojo (Javed Sheikh) gets to know about the bumper prize and plans to get his hands on the ticket which involves inclusion of multiple characters like a pair of Dhobi Pappu (Tipu) and Dhoban Malka (Sana Fakhar) and Sameer (Inayat Khan). What happens after that is what Jackpot is all about. How they ping pong from Pakistan to Phuket and hit back is all Jackpot has to offer.

Jackpot-sana fakhar 1

The idea of Jackpot, as mentioned earlier, must be interesting on the paper or under development phase, after all films like It’s A Mad Mad World, Dhamaal, Malaamaal Weekly and others have managed to capture audiences’ attention. Unfortunately Jackpot suffers from a mediocre script, pathetically weak plot and undernourished performances. Dialogues are below the belt, loaded with vulgarity and cheap humor which is as per the theater of Lahore from 90’s and late 80’s i.e. crappy and crass.

Jackpot-sanam-chaudhry 2 Jackpot-sana fakhar 2

Performance wise no one leaves a mark, they are all equally torturous and are blessed with the ability to get on audiences’ nerves effortlessly. It’s very hard to decide who was the worst performing actor or actress amongst the lot. The only actress who stands out in Jackpot is Reyhna Malhotra (Inayat’s girlfriend in Jackpot); she got the oomph factor, she dances well and performs decently. Sana is loaded with overacting; probably she knew that she’d be performing for the front seaters. Adnan Shah Tipu bags some gross lines and he makes sure that he performs them as bad as he could.

Noor Hassan is misfit in the character of a waiter, from his styling, dressing and performance he, by no means, looks the character. Ditto for Sanam Chaudhary, she isn’t a “filmy heroin material” as yet – height, looks, style, swag and most importantly performance all are missing. Iftikhar Thakur has done what he does the best either below the belt jokes or “thandi juggat”. It’s disappointing to watch Mehmood Aslam in such a badly developed character. Ismail Tara is also given with vulgar lines and cheap one-liners. There are many unneeded cameos in the film which are brutally bad; they include Jan Rambo, Zara Sheikh, Sangeeta, Meera and a few others.


Jackpot is a Total Fazool movie which is loaded with vulgar dialogues, cheap comedy, weird songs which make no sense. Camera angles are free from aesthetics. The only saving grace of Jackpot is that it is shot in Phuket and the cinematography is okay-ish but apart from that if you like vulgar films with jokes and punchlines like:

“Why waste fart, when you can taste it as burp”

“Ab chaahay Armaan per paani phero ya haath phero”

And the list continues.

Video Review: Jackpot

It’s not a family movie; it’s not any movie that can revive the Pakistani cinema, another bad film which is added in the list of Na Band Na Baraati, Shor Sharaba, Wajood and many many others.

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