Ittefaq – Not A Coincidental Must Watch

Another week with another remake; well that’s what Bollywood is practicing for quite some time now. After Bhoomi (slightly inspired from Maatr), Judwaa 2 and Chef it is Ittefaq which recently released. Ittefaq is a remake of 1969’s blockbuster and path breaking murder mystery titled Ittefaq; which featured Rajesh Khanna, Nanda, Bindu and Iftekhar. The latest Ittefaq features Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha and Akshaye Khanna. The film is directed by the Abhay Chopra grandsons of B R Chopra, who produced original Ittefaq. Let’s see what this whodunit murder story has to offer to its audience.

Ittefaq Trailer:

Vikram (Sidharth) is a famous writer who is suspected for his wife’s murder. When police tries to catch him, he runs away and enters Maya’s (Sonakshi) house and makes her his hostage. Another murder takes place at Maya’s house that is of his husband “Shekhar”. Finally, police reaches the crime scene and Vikram is taken to police station for further interrogation. Dev (Akshaye) handles this case and the stories shared by Vikram and Maya are totally different. Dev, being a smart and intelligent cop, tries to solve the case as per his own tactics. What happens next is what Ittefaq is all about. So, who killed whom? And what was the motive behind those murders or natural deaths? To find answer to these questions, you need to watch Ittefaq.

Akshaye Khanna delivers another rock-solid performance as Dev in Ittefaq. From sarcasm to subtle moves and from interrogation to emotional scenes he aces them all. Khanna is also given with some interesting dialogues as well and his character is very well built. In fact, besides the mystery factor in Ittefaq, Dev is the backbone of the film. Sidharth Malhotra plays his role with complete maturity, in most of the scenes he is seen underplaying his part, which was the requirement of the character and the young actor delivers his earnest attempt. Sonakshi is okay, she could have been better but it can be blamed on her dialogues; she doesn’t offer anything new or exciting in character where there was quite a good room.


Pavail Gulati as Chiraagh is effective, confident and very dependable. This is Gulati’s major break after two noticeable performances, one in Amitabh Bachchan starrer TV-series YUDH and before that in Shan’s most talked and trolled about TVC, where he played the elder brother who cooks the Briyani. If given good characters, Pavail Gulati has all that it takes to be a flourishing actor in Bollywood.

Direction of Ittefaq is crisp, to the point, and effective. For a murder mystery, direction and execution are key elements and Ittefaq is a decent attempt. Dialogues are interestingly weaved. The tracks between police constable and sub-inspector with Akshaye Khanna are brilliantly written to add humor and day to day conversation style – writer has done a great job. Just like 1969’s Ittefaq, this remake is also song-less but the background score is apt. There is a slight difference between the plots of original Ittefaq and this remake.

Ittefaq is an interesting one time watch as murder mysteries are usually one time watch, but it can be a second time watch because of Akshaye Khanna. Go watch this film, it is entertaining and has its moments.

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