Imam Zamin – Highlights A Man Who Loves Two Women

TVOnePk has assembled a great cast featuring Noman Ejaz, Iffat Omar, Seher Afzal, Noorul Hassan, Sajida Sayyed and Shakeel for its new drama serial Imam Zamin. Imam Zamin signifies the safety of a person while moving from one point to another destination. The title is very unique in terms of depicting the tale that is penned by ace-drama writer of Pakistan, Zafar Mairaj and directed by Shahid Zahoor.

Imam Zamin is about how a man named Munib (Noman Ejaz), who’s been married with teen-age kids, falls in love with another girl Haniya (Seher Afzal) who is much younger and trying to cope up with the situation. Imam Zamin is about how Munib’s wife Hina (Iffat Omar) reacts on the relationship which his husband forms with Haniya. Imam Zamin is also about why migration is becoming frequent in Pakistani society and at the end of the day what one achieves from that migration.

With strong actors like Noman Ejaz, Noorul Hasan and Iffat Omar, along with the veterans and institution in themselves Shakeel and Sajida Sayyed this drama has all the ingredients to grip the attention of the viewers. The drama seems to have all the essential elements which our society wants to see ranging from romance, to family ties and from emotions to expressions of care and selflessness. The drama also highlights the power of woman and breaks the stereo-type that a woman is the enemy of another women. The strength of a woman lies in her and she can astonish anyone who tries to underestimate her.

From a man’s perspective, this drama unfolds the mentality of some men with different perspectives and thoughts in different situations influenced by circumstances, preferences an at times by their character.

The drama is produced by Eveready Produtions and it is aired on every Monday at 8:00 PM. The first episode of Imam Zamin was aired on 21st August, 2017.

Do watch the first episode of Imam Zamin and share your feedback on the drama!

Watch Episode 1: Imam Zamin