HTC 16
HTC Launching In Pakistan By Muller And Phipps

The smartphone market in Pakistan is ripe with possibilities. There are a number of small sized local cell phone manufacturers who are more like cloning Samsung, Apple and some of the less popular international smartphone brands. Whether you talk about Apple, Samsung, Huwaei or local cell phone manufacturers like Dany, Voice mobiles or Q mobile, they all lack the pizzazz that the HTC mobiles have. Yes, I am even counting in The Apple and The Samsung. The sleek, silver/gold look is too old and too commonplace. You will find the latest Apple and Samsung phones in the hands of teenagers, they have lost their appeal. So, what is new? Yes, HTC Pakistan is launching very soon.

HTC Pakistan

Who can ignore the smart looking Neon smartphone series from HTC. I’m sure everyone who did a little research before buying a smartphone ogled on the HTC smartphone pictures on Google. The stunning colors, sharp look and great features could lure even an ardent and loyal Samsung or Apple fan. But we had to appreciate them from afar, in fact; we could only do so on internet. Now that Muller and Phipps is launching HTC Pakistan, people who admired HTC smartphones can now go and buy the smartphones of their choice.

HTC Pakistan Launch

HTC is acknowledged worldwide as an original design and equipment manufacturer. HTC develops and sells smartphones with Windows OS as well as Google’s Android OS. HTC is literally the innovator of developing smartphones with Android OS. HTC smartphones have great camera and video results. HTC has partnered with Dolby to recreate the surround sound effect for a cinematic experience. HTC offers elevated sound system, even from online sources like You Tube, Sound Cloud and My Space. With front facing or on the back speakers and also on the headphone modes, your videos and games will never sound better than the HTC experience. I’m going to explore the smartphones that Muller and Phipps is introducing, it’s time to update my smartphone and what better chance than buying a much desired HTC smartphone with all of its superior features.


Image Source: HTC Pakistan Facebook