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Hichki – A Bollywood Emotional Entertainer

Rani Mukerji is one of those actresses who have always been appreciated by her audience and fans. Whether it is No One Killed Jessica, Black or Mardani, Rani showed that she can accept any challenging role. In her second inning which started with Mardani a few years ago, Rani is back with another woman-centric film titled Hichki. Hichki is produced under Yash Raj’s banner and the film is definitely different from what Bollywood is producing currently. Hichki is directed by Sidharth Malhotra and this is his second film after 8 years (first was We Are Family). Let’s see what Hichki has to offer to its viewers.

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Hichki revolves around Naina Mathur who suffers from Tourette syndromes but wants to pursue teaching as her career. Naina faces a lot of difficulties and challenges but she keeps moving on in life in search of her passion. One day Naina receives a call from a school which is close to her heart because of a personal memory; she gets appointed as the teacher of a class section “9-F”. Students of 9-F aren’t the usual ones, they have different stories attached to them. What happens onwards is what makes Hichki a different, interesting and gripping tale.

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Rani Mukerjee is in her finest form. As Naina Mathur, suffering from Tourette syndromes, she doesn’t make audience feel that she is asking for any sympathy or pity – she’s headstrong, empowered and intellectually gifted. It’s definitely not a performance which can leave her Black’s avatar behind but it’s a decent effort from her end. Neeraj Kabi is one fine actor, it’s sad that we don’t get to see him more often; if you can recall him from Talvar or Detective Byomkesh Bakshy then his character in Hichki will take you by surprise. He is effective and brilliant as stern teacher. It’s always refreshing to watch Sachin, although he has a few scenes and he underplays his part effortlessly but in two scenes he makes sure that Sachin is amongst the veterans Bollywood has.

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Every young-artist playing the characters of students does justice with their part. The music is nice and supports the tempo of the film. Script is decently written, dialogues have repeat value and students along with teachers will love the dialogues of Hichki.

Hichki is definitely a Bollywood-ish film but it has its fair share of pluses. It’s a decent watch – it entertains as well as emotionally connects with its viewers.

PS: Hichki is a remake of The first of the ‘Hallmark Hall of Fame’ movies to air in HD widescreen, titled “Front of The Class” featuring James (as Jimmy) Wolk in main lead. Do watch it, highly recommended.

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