Help Me Durdana – An Iconic Dialogue In Pakistani Cinema

If we talk about Bollywood, we can come up with some amazing and easily re-callable dialogues which can uplift the mood of the conversations, unfortunately in Pakistani Cinema we do’t come across such powerful dialogues. Punjab Nahi Jaungi is one of the most loved and appreciated films on Pakistan. The film not only received loved from the masses but also managed to get appreciation in abundance from Pakistani film critics (they aren’t easy to please – that’s for sure). One thing which deserves applause is the way Khalil Urrehman Qamar penned the dialogues of Punjab Nahi Jaungi. Help Me Durdana is not only iconic dialogue but also encompasses multiple aspects of emotion in it. This is real revival of Pakistani cinema to be honest, as people can recall this dialogue.

Help Me Durdana – Punjab Nahi Jaungi

On social media one can find memes based on Help Me Durdana and they turn out really hilarious. It is expected that from now on Pakistani cine-goers will be served with better scripts and amazing dialogues which have repeat value and soon our dialogues become famous as well. Here are a few memes based on Help Me Durdana which are shared on social media. Enjoy!

If you haven’t watched Punjab Nahi Jaungi then you are seriously missing the fun. Go watch this amazing film and be entertained with a complete family entertainment. And in case you don’t get a green signal from your friends all you need is to say “Help Me Durdana”.