Hawa Hawa Not Copied For The First Time In Mubarakan

Who wouldn’t have listened to the Hassan Jehangir’s iconic song from the 1980’s titled “Hawa Hawa”. In fact, out of so many songs sung by Hassan Jehangir, only a few could make it to that level and Hawa Hawa was one among those. The upcoming film “Mubarakaan” features the inspired version of Hawa Hawa and titled as the same.

Mubarakan – Hawa Hawa

There are many people, mostly from Pakistan, who are no happy with the fact that Bollywood has outrageously copied the song – they are hurt. Let’s explore a bit about the “Hawa Hawa” history.

Hassan Jehangir’s Hawa Hawa:

To start with, this (Mubarakaan) isn’t the first time that Bollywood has created something on the same lines of Hassan Jehangir’s Hawa Hawa. Billoo Baadshah (1989) featured Govinda in the title role and in the movie he sang a song titled “Jawaan Jawaan Ishq Jawaan”. The same song was inspired from Hassan Jehangir’s track – Lyrics by Nida Fazli. Watch it here:

Jawan Jawan Ishq Jawan – Billoo Baadshah

The inspiration did not end yet, the very next year i.e. 1990, Sunny Deol’s “Aag Ka Gola” also featured a “Hawa Hawa” inspired track titled “Aaya Aaye Wo Aaya”. Watch Archana Puransingh and Sunny Deol breaking a leg in that song:

Aaya Aaya Wo Aaya – Aag Ka Gola

Hassan Jehangir Sang Hawa Hawa In Don – 2

Interestingly, back in 80’s Hassan Jehangir was officially signed to sing the same track for the film “Don2” which featured Jeet Upendra. Watch the song here, it’s Hassan Jehangir singing for a Bollywood flick.

After a gap of more than 2 decades, the same song “Hawa Hawa” was copied and re-done for Naseer Uddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon and Ravi Kishan starrer “Chaalis Chauraasi – 4084”. This time the song was sung by Neeraj Shridhar and Amitabh Narayan. By the way, this film also featured the original track by Hassan Jehangir as well.

Chaalis Chauraasi (4084) – Hawa Hawa

Imagine the entire “Pakistani Song being Copied” hoopla is all baseless. In the late 70’s Kourosh Yaghmaei, an Iranian pop-rock musician came out with Hawar Hawar, which was the basis of all these reprised and inspired versions. Watch the video here and decide yourself;

Kourosh Yaghmaei – Havar Havar (HQ)

Hence it is proved that there is no need to fight on the grounds that Bollywood copied Hawa Hawa from Pakistani singer Hassan Jehangir. Even Hassan Jehangir kind of copied the tune shamelessly from the Iranian singer’s track. Let’s just stop fighting for no good reason! Enjoy the music if it matches your taste or simply skip it, we already have many versions of Hawa Hawa / Hawar Hawar to select our favorite one from.