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Haider – A Chutzpah Affair

Vishal Bahrdwaj’s Haider proves two things,

  • Shakespeare’s tales are timeless
  • There is no other director who can do justice with Shakespeare’s adaptations, other than Vishal Bhardwaj.

Earlier Vishal showcased 2 adaptations from Shakespeare Omkara and Maqbool – both hit the bull’s eye. Now this time it’s Shakespeare’s Hamlet i.e. named as Haider by Vishal. With an assembled cast like Irrfan Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Tabu, Kay Kay Menon and Narendra Jha what could be expected? Exactly! A treat to cine-goers.

Haider’s plot is based in Kashmir 1995. It is sprinkled with militants, politics, family intrigues, love lust and a lot of emotional shocks. Haider (Shahid Kapoor) returns from Aligarh to his home and finds out that his father Hilal Meer (played by Narendra Jha) is disappeared and no one knows anything about him. With what he sees in is uncle Khurram’s (Kay Kay Menon) house he suspects that his mother, Ghazala (Tabu), is having an affair with him. Lost in despair, Haider leaves the house and starts his journey to search his lost father with the support of his journalist girlfriend Arshia (Shraddha Kapoor). What happens next makes Haider a treat to watch.

Shahd Kapoor Haider

Haider is Shahid Kapoor’s most commendable performance. Some of his scenes are very difficult even to conceptualize but he performs them with utmost flawlessness. For instance

  • the “Chutzpah” sequence,
  • his outburst in front of Tabu,
  • his entire insane act
  • the climax and
  • that most famous translation of “To be or not to be” to “Main hoon kay main nahin”

are just a few highlighters.

Irrfan Khan Haider Kay Kay menon Haider

Tabu deserves standing ovation for delivering a pitch perfect performance for a character that is definitely not a piece of cake. She excels and conquers the enterprise. Irrfan Khan is also there as Roohdaar, and in a brief role he proves that why he is a “must have” in most of ishal Bhardwaj’s movies. Irrfan is excellent. Kay Kay Menon is back in his kind of role that provides him the ability to showcase his gigantic talent.

Shraddha Kapoor Haider

Shraddha Kapoor impresses at points and this is one of her remarkable performances. Khulbhushan Kharbanda and Narendra Jha are also integral part of Haider. They both stand out in this enterprise. The duo playing Salman Khan’s do-alike deserve appreciation.

Haider’s music is amazing and songs that stand out are Bismil, Aao Na, Gulon Main Rung and Khul Kabhi are pick of the lot. Treatment and lyrics of Bismil reminds Rishi Kapoor’s most famous song Ek Hasina Thi from 1980’s blockbuster Qarz.

Haider is a must watch for those who are fans of sensible and quality oriented cinema.  Dialogues are masterpiece, performances are praiseworthy and direction is just perfect. If you ever enjoyed Maqbool and Omkara from Vishal Bhardwaj, Haider is definitely a step further from those fares.

Treat yourself with quality cinema this week – Haider is a must have in movie library

  • Performance
  • Plot - Adaptation
  • Music
  • Direction and Screenplay