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GUMM – Where Originality Is Lost

We are talking about a Pakistani film which has won many awards as per the media reports, TV programs and slides shown in the film titled GUMM; co-written and co-directed by Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia. Wow! This seems brilliant, a Pakistani film winning international awards is amazing. It indeed deserves an accolade that a Pakistani film (GUMM) is so brilliantly written and directed that 7 years ago in 2011, Hollywood filmmakers (Director: Michael Greenspan and Writer: Christopher Dodd) casted Adrien Brody, Adrian Holmes and Ryan Robbins to showcase almost same story, executed in a much better way in WRECKED. Was Ammar Lasani’s and Kanza Zia’s idea hijacked by any foreign filmmaker? Well, this seems quite unusual, after all GUMM received so many INTERNATIONAL AWARDS but the film released in 2011 received none and rated around 5/10 that’s pretty average (as per IMDB’s rating). Let’s watch the trailer of Wrecked first;

Trailer Wrecked:

Now that you have watched the trailer of Wrecked, let’s watch the trailer of the multiple Award Winning Pakistani Film ‘GUMM’.

Trailer: GUMM

Who inspired from whom? Well, that’s up to you to figure out. Let’s discuss what GUMM – The Awards Winning film has in store for its audience.

The story of Gumm revolves around Asad (Sami Khan) who regains consciousness after an accident. It seems that he has totally forgotten what had happened to him, when he looks at the driver he finds out that he’s dead. On radio he listens that a bank robbery took place and 2 thieves ran away with the looted money. Soon, Asad realizes that he is one of the thieves and police is after him. When he starts to connect the dots, he gets face to face with Haider (Shamoon Abbasi) who is also in the woods in search of the money. What happens when Haider and Asad come face to face and who will take that money with him is what Gumm is all about.

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Sami Khan looks decent in a few scenes, he needs to up his performance and be more effortless. His scenes with Shameen Khan and in flashback are not convincing. Shamoon Abbasi looks great, in perfect shape and expresses his anger, cold-blooded nature and ruthlessness with command. It’s sad that his dubbing is done by someone else, if it would have been his own voice then his scenes would have taken audience to another level. Shameen Khan is not a main-stream heroin material, she needs to work very hard on her performance and make up as well.

For any film content plays the key role, the content of Gumm is mediocre. It’s one of those films which must have sounded good when it would have been narrated but the way it is executed and filmed, that’s a below-average attempt. Dialogues of Gumm are very weak and fall flat. There’s zero emotional connect in the film, although the makers tried to add that element but that fails as well.

Gumm Movie Review 1

PC: Ammar Lasani’s (Director”s) FB Profile

Music of the film is not impressive at all, no song stays in the mind. Although the film has 3 – 4 songs but all are filler-material. Script of Gumm is also fragile, doesn’t offer any good or re-callable dialogues.

Direction wise Gumm offers no charm, for a film which is a thriller, direction and editing need to be stronger but Gumm offers nothing but dull direction lousy editing. From camera work to framing there are so many shortcomings in the film.

Gumm loosely reminds of Sanjay Dutt starrer Tathastu (as well), the story-line somewhat takes audience back to Dutt’s film but one cannot call it a copy in any sense. The filmmakers of Gumm have taken the risk to showcase something experimental to Pakistani audience, which seems largely inspired from other multiple films. All it required was good script, engaging dialogues, effective music and superlative direction then it would have been a great attempt.

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