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Rohit Shetty is the only filmmaker who is getting more and more revenues with every passing sequel. Golmaal Again has received the most amazing opening this year. With Golmaal Again, Rohit Shetty tries to amalgamate horror, emotion and fun in the venture. It is expected that the film is targeted towards masses unlike its competitor Secret Superstar. So, Golmaal Again has full potential to do flawless business at the box office. Rohit Shetty’s films are targeted to those viewers who just want to have fun and only fun. Let’s see what this particular film has for its audience.

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Gopaal, Maadhav, Laxman 1, Laxman 2 and Lucky live in an orphanage. One day they found an infant girl outside the gate of the orphanage and name her Khushi. After a few years due to their quarrelsome attitude they leave that orphanage forever. 15 years later they get the news from Babli bhai that the caretaker of the orphanage has expired. To recall their childhood and adieu their caretaker, all 5 head to the orphanage. After reaching there, they meet Anna and she shares some shocking details about what happened in their absence. One thing leads to another and emotions overtake them. What happens next is what Golmaal Again is all about.

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Ajay Devgan is okay as Gopaal. His entry is similar which has become his signature entry in Golmaal series (this is actually the entry sequence inspired from his debut film Phool aur Kaante). There are traces of Singham as well in this film, which makes audience it a little enjoyable. Arshad Warsi is type-casted and gives the same performance, there’s no newness in it. Tusshaar Kapoor has limited scope in this installment.


Those who stand out in Golmaal Again are Johnny Lever for being brilliantly amazing with needed comic dash, along with Shreyas Talpade who steals the scenes multiple times and finally Kunal Khemu for delivering his lengthier dialogues with complete command. Tabu looks very good. Rest of the cast has nothing much to offer.

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There aren’t any songs in Golmaal Again which succeed to stick in audience’s minds. Two reprised songs are brutally reworked and sung i.e. Neend Churayee Meri and Aaty Jaatay. Direction of the film is as expected i.e. cars being bombarded and hero hitting the baddies as hard as they bounce back after hitting the ground. So you can assume the level of reality in such sequences.

Maine Tujhe Dekha – Golmaal Again

Dialogues are witty and will be enjoyed by Bollywood freaks, as they are reused from classic films and weaved very smartly. Farhad Sajid did amazing work here.

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