Ghalti Se Copy Ho Gayee – Tarang Elaichi

I recently watched the latest TVC of Tarang Elaichi, featuring some prominent names of Pakistani TV dramas and movies. I don’t get it why the ads are stuffed and studded with celebrities and why the copywriting take the back seat? I mean the set, design and aura of the ad looked promising initially but then you get to see Tarang Tea served in a very mediocre cup, why? Didn’t the team had much to spend on the cups? The stuffing of unwanted stammering while enacting the dialogue didn’t add much humor in the entire ad. Plus, the most famous/iconic dialogue by Robert from “Andaz Apna Apna” is used in the ad i.e. “Ghalti Say Mistake Hogayee”. I mean come on, get some originality… please…

1Teja sitting in his den and after watching this ad would say: