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Geo TV’s Khan Episode 1 is Weak Technically And Otherwise

TV Dramas today are often the same; they revolve around similar stories and plots. Some say that there are stories in the world which is why every plot and story come to similar turning point and bottom-line. I don’t buy this. It is the art of storytelling, creation of characters and their build-up which make dramas engaging and dissimilar. Khan is amongst the most talked about drama serials of GEO TV and its first episode was aired on 19th February – Sunday. Nauman Ejaz is playing the title character of Khan and after Bashar Momin this drama seems quite different. After all, you don’t get to watch dramas which offer something new and interesting. Let’s analyze Geo TV’s Khan episode one.

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Geo TV’s Khan episode 1 show that Khan is a powerful and respectable person of the society, one who can influence leaders and bureaucrats. He loves his family and has an extreme opposite personality when with family. Khan’s daughter married to a guy she loved and their relationship is going through a rough patch. Ejaz Aslam plays a prominent character, someone who can stand neck to neck with Nauman Ejaz. The highlight of the first episode is the scene between the both; it is nicely directed and performed by veterans.

Geo TV’s Khan episode 1 has its shortcoming, both technicality and script wise. The editing of the first episode is not crisp and fluid; one feels the hiccups. The scene in which Neelam (Khan’s daughter) slaps her husband is ridiculously directed, it looks so unnatural. For any drama which focuses to show tycoons, power-hungry leaders and political world, the spinal cord is the script (read: dialogue); unfortunately dialogues of Khan are frail; in other words the script isn’t tight and engaging. Besides Nauman Ejaz and Aijaz Aslam, Ushna Shah performs really well in the new drama serial Khan. Rest of the cast don’t impress in anyway so far.

Khan is by no means closer to the character of Bashar Momin or Aalijaah (Kashkol). A dull start, that’s what Khan is, by now.