Gandii Baat 2 By ALT Balaji – Season 2 Reviewed

ALTBalaji has come a long way with web-series, Gandii Baat 2 is the latest webseries launched by ALT Balaji. Season 2 of Gandii Baat features 4 stories i.e. 4 episodes, each episode unfolding new story. With web series like Baby Come Naa, Gandii Baat, Ragini MMS Returns and a few others, ALT Balaji is known for raunchy, notorious and bold subjects which shows adult content that falls under erotica. Gandii Baaat 2 is also about untold taboo and unspoken stories which highlight sexual stories overfed fleshy and sensual visuals in abundance. Let’s see if Gandii Baat 2 by ALT Balaji has anything else to offer other than sexuality and erotic scenes.

Gandii Baat 2 Review

Gandii Baat 2

ALT Balaji’s Gandii Baat 2 features 4 episodes titled Bai-Sexual, Jadui Mahal, Gibralter and Love, Sex and Betrayal.

Episode 1: Bai-Sexual:

Gandii baat 2 bai sexual

Bai Sexual tells the story of a maid (Flora Saini) who has an affair with her master (Aman Maheshwari) but his wife (Anveshi Jain) treats her as sister. It’s shown that how a maid is considered as low-caste being yet is used as per the need of the master. When she falls in love for her master and impregnates herself with his kid that’s when things start to change resulting in lustful and romantic relationships of a maid between his master’s wife and his younger brother.

Flora Saini and Anveshi Jain look hot, voluptuous and sultry throughout. Flora Saini acts well in a few scenes and looks vivacious in almost all the scenes. Anveshi Jain on the other hand is effective and expresses more. Performances by Aman and Rahul (younger brother) are close to pathetic because of zero emotional connect. Story, screenplay and dialogues by Vishal and Renu Watwani are good at places.

Episode 2: Jadui Mahal:

gandii baat 2 jadui mahal

Jadui Mahal revolves around two girls from a small village who aspire to become the next Sunny Leonne and want to become reality show winners. How they take advantage of their beauty and sultry techniques to earn from villagers and how they escape from their village in search of their dreams, is what this episode is all about.

Not as engaging as Bai-Sexual, plus it’s way too predictable. Sonam Arora as Roop and Coral Bhamra as Sapna are below average to okay in terms of performance, they provide the skin-show in the episode and that’s pretty much about it.

Episode 3: Gibralter:

Gandii baat 2 gibralter

Seema (Naznin Patni) is a flat-chested girl, and this gives her inferiority complex, as according to her mother and sister she is not fully developed. Her mother gets her marriage fixed with Bhushan (Pradeep Duhan) a pretentious macho-man. What happens after their engagement is what Gibralter is all about.

Performance wise Naznin is good and if Pradeep shouldn’t be given a loud character, he must have performed it better as his intense and forceful scenes are better than the rest what he performed. Story, screen play and dialogues by Vinod Tharani are weak and impact the seriousness of the topic.

Episode 4: Love, Sex & Betrayal:

Gandii baat 2 love sex and betrayal

The last episode of Gandii Baat 2 reminds of Sunny Leonne’s Leela Ek Paheli, in terms of costumes, language and treatment. Both the girls Saachi (Navneet Kaur) and Heera (Ruby Bharaj) look ferociously sexy and sensual in their respective characters. If they would’ve worked hard on dialect and made it a little emotional ride then this episode would’ve been better than Bai-Sexual as then it would have all the required material to engage audience. Unfortunately, like previous two episodes this one also doesn’t make audience engage, besides some hot scenes and skin-show.

Final Words: Gandii Baat 2 Shows Too Many Gandii Baat


On the whole, Gandii Baat 2 is based on rural backdrop of India featuring Bihari and Rajhastani culture and dialect. This also makes you wonder another point that it might be the probability and possibility the major audience of ALT Balaji is ‘expected’ to be from such areas or makers think that they can bring the sexual stories from such areas. ALT Balaji is trying to develop the erotic genre for Indian audience; prior to them not many have consistently worked in the said genre besides Vikram Bhatt who brought Maaya series, Hate Story series and Love Games for his audience.

Piyush Mishra’s voice over is effective.

On the whole, the only episode which actually stands out to certain extent is Bai-Sexual which engages its viewers to certain extent. After all, what do you expect from an Indian Erotic web series? There will be aspiring Tinto Brass in making at these times in India.

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  • Entertainment
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