Gabbar Singh Sholay
5 Points That Prove Gabbar Singh Was The Real Hero Of Sholay

I grew up watching a movie named “Sholay”, sometimes twice or thrice a month. Doesn’t matter how old this movie is, it still has millions of die-hard fans. I don’t know whether fortunately or unfortunately but my father is one of them so whenever it is being telecasted on any channel, my father grabs the remote control and orders us to stay quiet. As a result I am “Hafiz e Sholay” now. After deep observation of so many years I have come up with some interesting but bitter realities.

Yes it’s about “Gabbar Singh”, the cruelest villain on planet. For me, Gabbar was not a villain at all; it was the audience who perceived him wrong. In order to support my prospective, here are some evidences.

Gabbar Singh wanted to show that proud hath a fall

Gabbar Singh 1

Everyone blames Gabbar for loss of “Thakkur Buldev Singh”, but it is totally unfair. It was Thakkur who intervened in Gabbar’s life. First he arrested him and placed him in prison. So, when he got free with the help of his true friends it was his right to take revenge.

Moreover, Thakkur Baldev Singh was an arrogant man. He proudly claimed “Ya Hath Nahi Phansi Ka Phanda Ha”. It is obvious that no one wants to put his neck in ”Phansi Ka Phunda” so Gabbar decided to give him taste of his own medicine. He cut his arms off to not only save himself but to prove that it was not a “Phansi Ka Phanda”. Hence proved that pride hath a fall.

Gabbar only wanted“entertainment”

Gabbar Singh 2

Entertainment was the only thing Gabbar Singh wanted. The poor guy spent his life in a hilly area. There was no electricity, obviously no television which meant no entertainment. As Gabbar was not well off, he was dependent on supplies acquired from village. Somehow, he managed to hire some professional dancing crew, not only for his entertainment but for the amusement of his fellows. Mehbooba O Mehbooba was a memorable performance by the best dance crew of that era. (See, how caring he was when it comes to companions)  With those limited resources he couldn’t afford enough dances, so he requested Basanti to perform. Basanti was a stubborn girl, she bluntly refused him.This rudeness made him furious and for me his anger is justified. Basanti could perform for Veero free of cost on Holli (Holli K Din Dill Mil Jatay Hain ) but when it comes to Gabbar she started showing tantrums. “BOOHUT NA INSAAFI HAI ”

When he said “NAACH BASANTI NAACH”, again people made it a controversy. When there is “DANCE INDIA DANCE” then what is the problem with “NAACH BASANTI NAACH”. Again “BOOHUT NAINSAAFI HAI”.  Even Veero misbehaved and said in such a rude manner “ BASANTI IN KUTTO K SAMNAY MUT NACHNA”. Bravo! Basanti could dance in front of thousand villagers but not in front of Gabbar and gang. Seriously!!! Not fair Dude.  Huhhhhh

Gabbar had weak memory

Basically, Gabbar’s memory was not so strong; hence, he was not good at mathematics. The poor guy needed to ask such silly questions from his fellows.

Arre O Saambha… Kitna Inaam Rakkhe Hai Sarkaar Ham Par?

gabbar singh 3

Kitnay Aadmi Thay?

Arre O Saambha, Ye Ramgarh Wale Apni Betiyon Ko Kaun Chakki Ka Pisa Aata Khilate Hai Re? (They were really talented that is why he asked. No bad intentions at all)

Gabbar Singh 4

Gabbar Singh promoted simplicity

Gabbar was a simple man who led his life in mountains.

He was against over spending.

In his whole life he wore only one dress.

He slept on stones but didn’t complain.

He didn’t even take bath regularly, so that he could save water.

He provided employment to many cutthroats and after some training courses under his supervision Sambha, Kalia and many other were able to earn livelihood for themselves.

Gabbar was a social worker

Gabbar once said “Yahan se Pachas Pachas Kos Door Gaon Mein, Jab Bachcha raat ko rota hai, toh maa kehti hai beta soja, soja nahi toh Gabbar Singh aajayega”. It indicates “Gabbar” was a social worker. He was fully aware of problems of mothers. He considered it his moral duty to help mothers. For this purpose he chose a horrifying image which helped mothers immensely.


So, what do you think now? I hope, I have changed your perception about Gabbar Singh now.