Fukrey Returns – Fukrey Never Talk Sense But Entertain

When Fukrey released no one could think that four new comers will take a senseless comic entertainer to the level where it’ll become one of the most successful and entertaining films of 2013. The entire plot of Fukrey revolved around illogical and senseless happenings but even then the film managed to impress viewers as it offered fresh humor and good time-pass for audience. This is why Bollywood keeps on experimenting and keep coming out with films which might sound weird but actually have the tendency to entertain its cine-goers. The Fukras are back with a bang this time, i.e. with more publicity and next-level buzz. Let’s see what Fukrey Returns has in store for the viewers.

Fukrey Returns Trailer

Fukrey starts with Chucha’s (Varun Sharma) dream where he sees snake biting Hunny’s ass and then turning in to Bholi Punjaban; later he is awaken by the flying slipper of his mother. Hunny (Pulkit Samat) is shown flirting with his girlfriend, Lali (Manjot Singh) is going through the same frustration of being “Halwayee’s son” and Zafar (Ali Fazal) along with his love interest looking for a decent apartment to live in. Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chadda) gets out of the jail by agreeing to pay 10 crores in ten days to Babulal Baatia (Rajiv Gupta), the Minister. Bholi gathers up all the Fukreys and asks them to invest in a lottery to pay her back. They don’t have any choice but to agree to her demand and things go out of hands. This leads to one thing happening to another thing and what happens next in the series of unlucky events, spontaneous dreams i.e. Deja-Chu makes Fukrey Return an interesting film sans logic.


Varun Sharma entertains the most in Fukrey Returns, his scenes are smartly written and he performs them with extreme persuasion. As Chucha, Varun is every bit believable. Pulkit Samrat is effective, he has strong screen presence. Richa Chadda is first rate, and she takes Fukrey to the next level. Pankaj Tripathi is first rate; his use of English is brilliant. Ali Fazal is decent – same for Manjot Singh.


Mrigdeep Singh Lamba and Vipul Vig have done a great job as the dialogues of Fukrey Returns are witty, comic and fresh. The entire script looks natural and spontaneous. Direction of the film is good and Mrigdeep Singh’s execution is impressive. Natasa Stankovic sizzles in Mehbooba.

Fukrey Returns offers mindless entertainment; those who have liked the first part will definitely be amazed with the second installment. Be assured that Fukrey Returns is a film which does not offer any rationality, logic or serious subject; it is a “paisa vasool” film, where audience laugh out loud and enjoy. Watch Fukrey Returns if you want to have good laugh with family and friends, if you are looking for thought provoking and intellectual film then this isn’t your thing.

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