#FridayBazaar A Smart Move For Pakistani Culture

In Pakistan, Black Friday has never been celebrated before but this year, Black Friday was introduced in Pakistan by one of the online shopping sites. Another online shopping site introduced White Friday in exact response to the earlier mentioned brand. This simply shows the lack of attention to detail, overlooking the target audience and not coming out with something unique and new. On the contrary, iShopping.pk introduced #FridayBazaar in Pakistan. The name is inspired from Pakistan’s very own bachat bazaar known as “Jummah Bazaar”. Now, this is called a thoughtful move.

Friday Bazaar in Pakistan was celebrated by many online buyers and also by those who were earlier reluctant to buy from online sites. The best thing about Friday Bazaar was that it had some great deals which won the hearts and attention of the buyers. Huge discounts i.e. up to 70% were offered to the customers and this made iShopping.Pk stand out from the rest of its competitors. Following are a few deals which are still on as the #FridayBazaar will continue through and will end on Sunday, the 29th November. So, have a look at these deals and grab them as soon as you can!

Deals At #FridayBazaar

D30-FBAD-600x600D29-FBAD-600x600D23-FBAD-600x600D19-FBAD-600x600D11-FBAD-600x600D7-FBAD-600x600Friday Bazaar in Pakistan was embraced by online shoppers wholeheartedly. Over social media, especially on Twitter, the hashtag #FridayBazaar trended on the very first day for 4 straight hours i.e. 7:30 PM to 11:25 PM, which are considered as the peak hours in Pakistan’s market. This clearly shows that people, especially buyers and online shoppers, loved the great discounted deals which were and are available for them. On Facebook and Instagram, many people have used the hashtags of #FridayBazaar to support the brand.

For those who are interested in buying from a huge stock of 500 plus hot selling products, you still got ample time, as the deal is still on and you can log into www.ishopping.pk and avail following discounts from the #FridayBazaar deals.

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Enjoy, you can choose your favorites from the huge list of discount deals available at www.ishopping.pk

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