Freaky Ali – Movie Review

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is synonymous to quality oriented cinema. This time with the help of Salman Khan and his team, he is featured in an out and out entertainer titled Freaky Ali. Many think that Freaky Ali is a remake of Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore but that’s not the reality, although there are some shades which make a viewer recall that particular film. Let’s see what Freak Ali has in store for a cine-goer.

Ali (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is an orphan who is adopted by a Hindu woman (Seema Biswas) who raises him according to his religion. Ali keeps on engaging with odd jobs and also accompanied by Maqsood (Arbaz Khan) who is a small-time goon. Ali’s life takes a turn when he is spotted by Kishan Lal (Asif Basra) when playing Golf accidentally. Kishan makes Ali practice Golf professionally to make him participate in Golf Championship, where he comes across with Vijay Rathore (Jas Arora) and his manager Megha (Amy Jackson). What happens next is the journey of Freaky Ali from an undergarment seller and goon to a professional Golfer.


There’s no surprise in guessing who the captain of the ship is; it is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Nawazuddin gives an earnest performance which ranges from emotional outbursts to cynicism and comical elements to upright character. Without Nawazuddin Siddiqui Freaky Ali is nowhere to stand. Seema Biswas impresses in a few scenes and is believable. Arbaz Khan is okay, he doesn’t offer anything new. Asif Basra is effective. Jas Arora as baddie is fine. Amy Jackson adds glamour to the movie and that’s just it. Jackie Shroff in a cameo brings smile to viewers. Special mention for the old chap who remembers everything except anything about his property and wealth, he is very good.


Music wise, Freaky Ali is just a below-average to average attempt. Direction by Sohail Khan is quite shaky, and there’s not element of surprise in it. The script of Freaky Ali has pluses and minuses. The scenes between Jas and Nawaz are nicely written and dialogues are worth applauding. Those who are avid fans of movies and remember Maanjhi and times of Jas Arora when he was amongst the top models of India will definitely love some scenes as the bring back those memories.


As a complete package Freaky Ali is an above average movie with some good elements and some hard to believe touches. And yes there are some stale jokes too which loses the interest of the viewers in bits and parts.

  • Script
  • Performance
  • Music
  • Direction