FoodPanda Turns 4 – Celebrations and New Goals

Whenever we talk about food delivery services in Pakistan, the only name which comes to everyone’s mind is FoodPanda. FoodPanda is the most reliable name in the food delivery services. Recently FoodPanda celebrated its 4th anniversary in Karachi. Celebrities, media personnel, bloggers and professionals were invited at the celebration to enjoy an evening full of happiness, excitement and happenings.

Anoushey Wishing FoodPanda

Back in 2012 when FoodPanda started its operations with unique idea and innovative procedures, it was sure that the concept will be an instant hit. With continuous hard-work and dedication from the entire team of FoodPanda, today it’s the most common name in food delivery business. The brand name of FoodPanda is reputed and widely known. In a short period of four years, FoodPanda catered to half a million hungry foodies and generated Rupees one billion additional revenue for the restaurant industry.

Star-Studded Event By FoodPanda

At the 4th birthday of FoodPanda Nauman S Mirza (MD & CEO of FoodPanda), Danish Taimoor, Ayesha Omar, Anoushey, Mehwish Hayat and many other celebrities were present along with other influencers and industry professionals. Some facts were also shared in the star-studded FoodPanda event like:

  • The food delivery market in Pakistan is estimated to reach a 400 Million USD mark by 2020;
  • Local restaurant heroes are expanding their footprint across the country and international chains are eyeing second tier cities for expansion.
  • In 2016 alone, FoodPanda’s clients have amplified by an amazing 100% that is around half a million cheerful customers.
  • Over 100% spike in FoodPanda’s App downloads is witnessed in previous 12 months.
  • FoodPanda has generated sales of PKR 1 billion on the restaurant side. That’s commendable.

With this kind of track record and ability to satisfy their customers, FoodPanda will definitely go places and will soon continue to become the unbeatable brand in Pakistan. We wish FoodPanda great success, happy 4th anniversary and lots of clients. Track details on twitter by following #FoodPandaturns4.