Foodpanda Introduces First Discount On McDonald’s Nationwide

Delivering the promise of excellent customer service yet again, foodpanda is currently serving an exclusive discount on the nationwide McDonald’s menu. McCrispy and Chicken Big Mac lovers can savor on a deal for two at 45 percent discount when they order through foodpanda mobile app.


McDonald’s, known for novel updates to its selective menu categories has taken a different route this time by launching a discount promotion with foodpanda. Being consistent on the same lines, this seems to be an unofficial addition to the extra value meals menu. Why do we say it’s an extra value meal? Because you get two delicious favorites McCrispy and Chicken Big Mac with two fries and two drinks all in under a thousand rupees.

Moreover, foodpanda are putting more efforts into making this a memorable experience for you. If you create a Dubsmash with foodpanda jingle (find “foodpanda PK Jingle” on Dubsmash app) you can WIN yourself free movie tickets and popcorn for at least a group of 5 people.


The deal is currently running live on the foodpanda menu and will continue to do so till the end of the month on foodpanda mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, including website