Food Jazba – Campaign Launched By FoodPandaPk

The great thing about FoodPandaPk is that it keeps on introducing new ideas that not only benefit the business to generate great revenue but also engage its customers. This time, on March 20 2015, the leading mobile/online food ordering platform FoodPandaPk has announced a new campaign called Food Jazba. The Food Jazba will continue from 20th to 23rd March 2015. During this campaign a minimum of 2 customers will be selected via digital draw every hour to collect ordered meal at no charge.

“Pakistanis are finally pleased with the optimism of winning this World Cup so we decided to magnify this passion. We have been proposing some incredible discounts and deals over digital food festivals in the past but now it’s time to go one step forward and add the boom-boom factor. If you are the fortunate one to be nominated, your meal is on the house. We bring what we promise!” says Talha Ansari, co-MD


Food Jazba is definitely another groundbreaking drive by which is directed towards customer demand. By proposing a chance to win free meal every hour, the brand looks to prompt delivery of promise and increased efforts to bring new and improved services every day.

“There is no doubt that foodpanda are pioneers at innovation. This campaign will set a trend to be followed and we are proud of the fact that within a span of two years the market has come to be dominated by us. Acquisition is only one part of our bigger strategy. In coming days, we will give our customer base all the more reasons to trust the brand and find loyalty emanated from improved end user benefits” adds Ahsan Mateen, co-MD

If you are planning to take part in the festival, you should place an order using mobile app or website. There are no criteria for the selection. Orders can be made from a number of discounted deals. According to stats, 65% of orders are facilitated by app. The company is on the watch for increasing this number with more orders processed through Android, iOS and Windows devices.

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