Golden Chick Review
Food in Review: Golden Chick

It is not difficult to find a good food joint in Karachi which offers fried chicken but out of many food joints there are some which are known for better services and greater tastes. Golden Chick is one of those food joints in Karachi which was recently launched and gained quite a good reputation in the market. The strong word of mouth has actually alleviated the brand image and people are loving the food that is offered to them at Golden Chick. It is not easy to come in the market and fight with existing market leaders in fried chicken department but Golden Chick has decently gained a good name in just a few months; this guarantees that this eatery is here to stay.


The choices at Golden Chick are quite interesting. For the lovers of fried chicken, there’s fried chicken and roast chicken, but for those who are calorie and diet conscious there is grilled chicken at Golden Chick. The option in salads keeps the food full of varieties. Fried Okra, Golden Rice and Signature Chicken Salad are just a few names to quote. Apart from the salad, sidelines are also different and they give a very nice blend of taste when consumed with main chicken dishes.


Golden Chick offers fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken tenders and sandwiches apart from other main items. The catfish by Golden Chick is scrumptious and seasoned very nicely. Those who have taste buds for good fish should definitely try Southern Fried Catfish from Golden Chick. Folden Chick gives you a great side options with Battered Fries, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese, Fried Okra, Fruit Salad and Cole Slaw etc.



So, if you are planning to have a nice dine-out and enjoy distinctive taste of chicken and fish then you should head to Golden Chick at Dolmen Mall Clifton and have a fulfilling experience with your friends and family.