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The Vibrant & Youthful FonePay TVC

Mobile Apps are talk of the town these days, in Pakistan. There are multiple Apps which are being launched on regular basis in Pakistani market. Recently another interesting mobile app is launched with the name of FonePay. The TVC of this app is quite interesting and allow me to say colorful. FonePay is an interesting idea and it is even crisply shot by the team. Before we go any further with this TVC, here is the digital TVC of FonePay, let’s watch:

TVC – FonePay

The background score of the TVC is very catchy and makes the message clear. It is nicely written and credit must be given to the copywriting brain behind FonePay’s ad. The TVC highlights people from different walks of life and this creates a good and solid ground. From grocery shopping to paying to enjoy fine dining experience, FonePay allows you to scan the QR code and pay through the mobile app.

FonePay TVC Review Mediamagick 1

The TVC is full of colorfulness and youthfulness. Boys and girls are rejoicing, enjoying, and dancing to celebrate the convenience they are about to experience with this new mobile app. Keeping the entire shoot in focus, this ad is nicely shot and executed. The interesting part is the way idea is conceived. It is not easy to connect brand’s message effectively with the ad, so hats of the director, concept writer and storyboarding team who worked in sync to give a final product like FonePay’s TVC.

FonePay TVC Review Mediamagick 2

The models used in this TVC are also apt for communicating the message to the target market. After all, young generation is more adaptable to use mobile apps and is smartphone-friendly. It is nice to see such ads created by Pakistan.

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