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Follow These 7 Celebs To Up Your Fashion Game

Pakistani celebrities are not only known for their extraordinary talents but their fashion sense as well. These celebrities are continuously setting new trends in the fashion world. Their sartorial glory and on and off trendy outfits are followed all over Pakistan. Following Pakistani celebrities have really updated the fashion game and if you want to keep yourself according to latest trend then there is no better option than these.


Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan is known as the most handsome and lovable personality of entertainment industry. He has always made us crazy by his good looks and ravishing outfits. He just know how to compliment his well fitted suits with unique hairstyles. His beard style is also followed massively that accentuate his classy personality.


Urva hocane

This amazingly talented and gorgeous Hocane sister has never let down the audience by her fashion ensembles. Her trendy and minimalistic style is known and followed all over the industry. Whether it is the traditional ghagra cholis or the ravishing backless dress, Urwa has always hit the latest fashion on spot!


Hamza Ali Abbasi

No one compete the unique styling of this super star celebrity. He is setting new trends in the award shows by promoting cultural outfits. It does not matter if he is in salwar kameez with waist coat or wrapped in a suit, he will still look ravishing and fantastic. Youngsters are rapidly following his dresses due to their style and simplicity.


Meesha Shafi

Meesha is not only a talented rock star but also a celebrity to up our fashion sense. She has not only mesmerized us by his soulful voice but her killer outfits as well. This singer is fond of stealing the show with her unique and beautiful styling. Her fashionable clothing is really a thing to look forward to.


Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan has such a personality that she can rock any style she adopts. She look equally gorgeous in sleek saris she wore during movie premiers or edgy pants for formal events. This Raees fashionista can pull off any look with flattery and ease. Her makeup and hair-styling is also setting new goals for fashion lovers.


Fahad Mustafa

This amazingly talented host is being loved by all not only because of his confidence during hosting but also his unique styling. He looks absolutely ravishing in a well fitted blazer. He can even style a simple T shirt by adding his spice. He has really become the heartthrob of all. Now if you want to be up to date then don’t miss episodes of Jeeto Pakistan again!


Mehwish hayat 254

Mehwish Hayat started her career as a shy reserved girl but now she has transformed into a bold and stylish icon for youngsters. She is now gracing the cinema screens with her ravishing dresses. She can breathe life into any outfit by her impeccable style and tremendously good sense of fashion. Recently she was seen in the side fringes that were absolutely stunning.

These celebrities have really given us new fashion goals to follow. They have set much higher standards of styling. If you are a true fashion lover then start following them to go out all classy and fabulous.