How To Fix Makeup Quickly – 10 Tips

Has your hand ever slipped while applying eye liner? Do you feel like redoing your lipstick after a couple of hours? While applying makeup, it is common to make a mistake. All makeup mishaps lead us to reapply makeup and spend more hours in getting the flawless look. However, we have ten easy and fruitful tips that can be availed to fix makeup instantly.

  1. Improperly Blended Or Excessive Foundation:

Take a slightly wet makeup sponge and pat it on your face. It will blend your foundation and remove the excess amount.

  1. Unblended Or Too Dark Eye Shadow:

Use a soft and clean eye shadow brush and gently strike it on our eyelids to lighten the excess shade. Shadow brush can also be used for blending, if not available, use your fingertip for the purpose.

  1. Cracked Lips:

Lipstick does not look good when the lips are cracked. A quick and easiest tip for this condition is scrubbing. A scrub can remove dead skin and gives smooth lips instantly.

  1. Smudged Lipstick:

Get a slightly wet concealer brush or cotton swab and put some foundation or concealer on it. Then use it on the smudged lipstick to hide it and obtain a perfectly shaped lipstick.

  1. Excessive Blush:

In case of excess blush, the best tip that can be availed is removing the extra blush with the help of a brush. After this, blend the remaining to get a perfect look.

  1. Over Tweezed Brows:

Availing a brown or black eye liner on your eye brows to make them appear thick and perfectly shaped.

  1. Clumpy Mascara:

Get a clean mascara brush, damp it and then wiggle it across the eyelashes. For water-proof mascara, use silicone-based makeup remover on the brush. If water and makeup remover are not available, wiggle dry and clean brush on lashes.

  1. Lines Formed By Concealer:

Use you ring finger to blend the concealer. Always use concealer with pressed powder to avoid wrinkles.

  1. Light Lipstick:

Always apply compact powder or foundation on lips and then wear lipstick. It will stay longer.

  1. Shiny Skin:

      Always use Matte compact powder on oily/shiny skin. Puff it on face whenever skin becomes oily.

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